The most advanced Vegan Motorcycle Suit

Discover the motorcycle race suit with innovative materials. Unique in the world.

Vegan Motorcycle Suit Andromeda


Andromeda suit has AAA level protection and SuperFabric® reinforcements in all high impact areas. It’s created with minimalist thinking, using a combination of various well-proven high-tech materials to achieve maximum resistance both in sliding abrasions and tears.


This vegan motorcycle suit is tailored made (for men and women), does not get damaged even if it gets wet, and the flexible textile composition makes them much more comfortable. Available in two fabrics: Synthetic Leather and Ultra Resistant Denim.


Leather clothing manufacture requires a huge amount of water and chemical products, and is cruel to animals. So, at Andromeda we produce vegan clothing for riders, seeking to be more sustainable and cruelty free. 

Vegan Motorcycle Suit Andromeda
Vegan Motorcycle Suit Andromeda
Vegan Motorcycle Suit Andromeda


In Andromeda we work to be references in motorcycle gear: jackets, gloves, shirts, custom suits. Our challenge is accelerating transition of the motorcycle clothing industry, from leather to 100% vegan innovative fabrics. We find pointless the use of archaic materials such as leather.

Our products incorporate high strength materials such as Kevlar an Superfabric (the most resistant fabric in motorcycle gear). Materials that will give you maximum protection while doing what you like most. Without having to choose between one option or another.

Animal exploitation for textile use, besides being cruel, is one of the greatest environmental impacts due to the excessive use of water and the use of chemical products used to prepare the leather. Synthetic materials do not contribute to this, and therefore are more sustainable.

Also, one of the cornerstones of our brand philosophy is transparency. We want to share our beliefs, strengths and failures for continuous improvement. Constructive criticism is our greatest ally.

We are proud to be leaders in motorcycle wear.